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Izhi represents a viable alternative to fast fashion, mass-produced around the world to the detriment of underpaid workers. It provides an opportunity for true craftsmen to grow their businesses and support their material needs. Working directly with our artisans allows them to maximize their returns, affording them the genuine ability to support their families day-to-day, and to educate their children


W H Y   T H E   N A M E   " I Z H I " ?


Izhi: a Quechua word meaning fog; a soft, mysterious word which evokes not only the perpetual gray mist encasing the Andes, but the mists of time through which the Quechua people abide.


Quechua are the largest indigenous population in South America, an American Indian people living since the early 13th century in Peru and parts of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador. I am drawn to the Quechua language--the language spoken by the ancient Incas--as well as their artistry and craftsmanship.

F A I R   P R A C T I C E S


The result of my working with local Quechua weavers is izhistudio, a select line of blankets and pillows handwoven  in neutral colors. The weavers are my design partners and teachers, transmitting to me the spirit, history, techniques, and possibilities of woven art.

We cherish this relationship, and therefore are committed to ensuring our artisans receive fair pay. Because we value the time, skill, and expertise of the Quechua weavers, we endeavor to create a sustainable marketplace that rewards their work, while delivering a superior product to people just like us--those who seek handcrafted items imbued with centuries of artistic history.

D E S I G N | E R

Diana Seclen: "Inspired by the wonderful woven items I saw around me while growing up in Peru, once I became a designer myself, I wanted to see if I might reinterpret traditional patterns, giving the unsurpassed quality of alpaca weaving a more contemporary look."